Simple solution for stinky neoprene

Does your wetsuit stink? How about your neoprene booties, gloves or spray skirt? After a certain amount of active wear in the ocean, it’s bound to happen to all of us. Instead of spending big bucks on a dedicated neoprene shampoo (which these days can be hard to find), try this cost-effective tip I receivedContinue reading “Simple solution for stinky neoprene”

How to fix a big, nasty tear in your drysuit neck gasket

I was sliding my drysuit over my head last month, eager to get out for a Sunday paddle, when suddenly I felt the latex neck gasket give way… The result was what you see in the photo above: a 7.5-inch curving tear from neck opening almost to the base of the brand new gasket IContinue reading “How to fix a big, nasty tear in your drysuit neck gasket”