Warm Hands for Winter Paddling

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome as a year-round paddler here on Vancouver Island is keeping my hands warm. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome in my hands, which means the blood vessels spasm and constrict in colder temperatures, leaving my fingers white, numb and largely useless. Cold, damp conditions, like we have here on theContinue reading “Warm Hands for Winter Paddling”

Simple solution for stinky neoprene

Does your wetsuit stink? How about your neoprene booties, gloves or spray skirt? After a certain amount of active wear in the ocean, it’s bound to happen to all of us. Instead of spending big bucks on a dedicated neoprene shampoo (which these days can be hard to find), try this cost-effective tip I receivedContinue reading “Simple solution for stinky neoprene”

How to fix a big, nasty tear in your drysuit neck gasket

I was sliding my drysuit over my head last month, eager to get out for a Sunday paddle, when suddenly I felt the latex neck gasket give way… The result was what you see in the photo above: a 7.5-inch curving tear from neck opening almost to the base of the brand new gasket IContinue reading “How to fix a big, nasty tear in your drysuit neck gasket”