Crosscurrents Kayak

Individual and small-group instruction.
Tailored to meet the needs of
new and developing kayakers.

Up your skills. Up your confidence. Up your fun.

Crosscurrents Kayak specializes in customized instruction for new and developing sea kayak enthusiasts on Central Vancouver Island. Owner and operator Caroline Ross is a Paddle Canada certified instructor who works with individuals and small groups to teach and refine the skills you need to stay safe, paddle smoothly and keep smiling on the water — including strokes, maneuverability, rescues, route planning, navigation and more.

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Warm Hands for Winter Paddling

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome as a year-round paddler here on Vancouver Island is keeping my hands warm. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome in my hands, which means the blood vessels spasm and constrict in colder temperatures, leaving my fingers white, numb and largely useless. Cold, damp conditions, like we have here on the…

Branching out, eaglet style

It was the constant mewling — like a cross between an eagle and a sea gull and a whining child — that caught our attention. When my partner and I ventured out on the rocks outside our safari tent at So Damn Lucky Glamping on Barclay Sound, we discovered a juvenile bald eagle perched on…

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