crosscurrents kayak

Individual and small-group instruction.
Tailored to meet the needs of
new and novice kayakers.

Up your skills. Up your confidence. Up your fun.

crosscurrents kayak specializes in customized instruction for new and novice sea kayak enthusiasts on Central Vancouver Island. Owner and operator Caroline Ross is a Paddle Canada certified instructor who works with individuals and small groups to teach and refine the skills you need to stay safe, paddle smoothly and keep smiling on the water — including strokes, maneuverability, rescues, route planning, navigation and more.

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Next of baby Garden Spiders between the boards of the deck.

An explosion of tiny spiders

Earlier this month, I noticed a swarm of tiny yellow spiders scattering across the deck after I dragged the patio table into the shade. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they’d come from a tight ball of spiders — numbering in the hundreds — all massed together in a nest suspended between two boards inContinue reading “An explosion of tiny spiders”

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