Sea Kayak Instruction – Tailored to Your Needs

We specialize in customized instruction for new and novice sea kayakers in the Central Vancouver Island region.

We work with you — as an individual or small group — to teach and refine the skills you most want to improve, including:

  • strokes (forward, backward, sweep, draw, etc.)
  • maneuverability (edging, turning, moving sideways, moving diagonally, etc.)
  • balance and bracing against capsize
  • wet exits and rescues (assisted and self)
  • launches and landings (at the beach or off a dock)
  • gear selection, use and maintenance
  • basic navigation
  • safely planning and executing a day trip in Class I (calm) waters
  • safely adapting your equipment or skills to account for physical limitations (hips, knees, backs, shoulders, etc.)

Most of our sessions run between two and four hours, depending on your needs and goals.

We are based in Nanaimo and operate from a variety of lakefront and oceanfront locations in the area.

Call us today to discuss your paddling goals! We’ll create a plan to help you get there.

Up your skills. Up your confidence. Up your fun.

Gear Requirements

We require our students to supply their own paddling gear, including:

  • sea-worthy kayak
  • properly fitting PFD with whistle
  • kayak paddle
  • bilge pump
  • 15-metre throw line

If you are missing any of these items, please contact us, as we may be able to supply them.

A paddle float (foam or inflatable) is recommended for some sessions. We can provide this item if needed.