Private Lessons

Want to practice and refine a specific skillset, such as wet exits, assisted rescues, solo re-entries, draw stroke, forward stroke, power & momentum and more? Contact us to set up a private clinic for 1-6 people. We will customize the session to meet your needs.

We also offer a range of paddling skill development clinics based on the Paddle Canada curriculum. Our clinics are a great (and fun!) way to hone or refine your paddling skills, whether for an upcoming trip, in advance of a certification course or for personal development and enjoyment. Book a clinic for just yourself, or for a group of up to six.

Paddling with Precision (3 hours)

Want to stop on a dime, paddle backwards with confidence, and turn with ease and accuracy? We’ll work through several exercises designed to improve your maneuverability on the water, so you can get from point A to point B more efficiently. Forward, reverse, stopping, sweep and draw strokes are all fair game here! Be prepared to challenge yourself and have fun!

Underwater Composure (2 hours)

Increase your comfort and confidence with wet exits! We’ll work through a number of shallow-water exercises designed to help you get used to being underwater in your kayak, increase the time you’re comfortable being submerged, and improve your ability to orient yourself and complete actions in your kayak underwater. Dress for immersion!

Power & Momentum (2 hours)

Looking to enhance your paddling power? We’ll work through a number of exercises to break down a powerful forward stroke, isolating each component to understand its function and form. Then we’ll put it all together and practice regulating our paddling power to build and control our momentum.

Rescue Refresher (2-3 hours)

Practice and refine your re-entry skills, including assisted re-entries (T rescue, Parallel Park and Pump, stirrup rescue) and solo re-entries (paddle float, scramble). This clinic can be customized to meet your needs.

Basic Navigation – Practice and Theory (4 hours)

Solidify your ability to navigate by sight, read your chart, calculate on-water distances and understand the effects of tides and weather for day journeys along or near the shoreline. We’ll cover tides, basic chart reading and interpretation, distance, speed and time calculations, and several visual navigation tools (including piloting, backstops, ranges, lines of position and circles of possibility). After a land-based theory session, we’ll head to the water to practice our new skills!

Custom Clinics

We are happy to work with you to design a session that meets your unique needs as a paddler. Contact us or use the form below to start the discussion!

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